Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Walking Dead's third-season trailer is action-packed and tense (and probably misleading)

Every time I vow to stop watching The Walking Dead, the show sucks me back in by doing something amazing: the tense confrontation between Rick, Glenn and the two mysterious strangers; terrifying, heart-pounding action set-pieces; and Shane (finally) getting what he deserves. Those moments of brilliance are almost always wasted, lost in the endless conversations about nothing and the inexplicable continued existence of Lori and Andrea, but the promise of more sends this viewer into self-perpetuating spiral of hate-watching.

The Comic-Con trailer for Season 3 is no different; it's beautifully done, propulsive, mournful and action packed, and it teases a season full of constantly shifting allegiances, lots of actual anti-zombie combat (something the show has a tendency to forget about until it suits the purposes of the plot) and, of course, the (spoilers ahead) long-anticipated appearances of Michonne and the Governor and re-appearance of Merle Dixon. What we'll probably end up with, however, are endless debates about post-apocalyptic morality and Carl doing stupid things in order to move the plot along, not to mention a general dearth of zombies getting their heads sliced off by Michonne's katana. Until that inevitable disappointment, I'll just watch this trailer on repeat and pretend that Hershel's farm never happened.


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