Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mother Jones' Game of Thrones attack ads: Tywin Lannister (and Gob Bluth) would approve

Mother Jones came out with some Game of Thrones attack ads that are as funny as they are sharply satirical. The videos, which focus on Daenerys, Joffrey and Robb (not Robb!) lampoon some of the characters' dumber decisions (Dany, why did you think your dragons would be safe in an unlocked wooden box?) while simultaneously sending up collective political freak-outs like the birther movement and John McCain's anti-Obama "Celebrity" ad.

The ads also underline Game of Thrones' similarities to Arrested Development (because why not?). Check out the birther-esque ad that accuses Joffrey Baratheon of being a bastard:

Hilarious - I particularly like the moment when the narrator asks "What is King Joffrey Hiding?" and the onscreen text responds with "Incest? Murder? Adultery? Deception? Dwarves?" - and quite similar to the attack ad that Gob Bluth creates for George Michael's quixotic campaign against Steve Holt for the position of student body president:

The anti-Robb and anti-Dany ads are also quite funny, although they don't have the same parallels to Arrested that the "Joffrey Baratheon is a Bastard" clip does. The Robb ad focuses on the King in the North's celebrity and lack of experience, and also contains a nice send-up of anti-immigration hysteria in the form of some rhetoric about the Wildlings "taking our jobs," including a shot of Osha, Robb's "illegal alien" nanny:

Finally, the Dany ad. "Mother of Dragons" isn't focused on a particular rhetorical strategy or movement like the others, but the way it points out a pretty serious logical flaw in the form of that "unlocked wooden box" makes it (arguably) the best of the bunch. The only possible improvement would be the inclusion of the Khaleesi's catchphrase: shouting her own name at anyone who gets in her way.

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