Friday, May 4, 2012

Do you have thoughts on Girls? Then share them!

It seems like everyone and their mother (or at least, everyone and their Facebook friends) is talking about HBO's Girls these days: critics, pundits, even Louis C.K. are weighing in on the show. But I want to hear what you, dear readers, think! Does the lack of diversity on Girls bother you? Do you think it's a realistic representation of a particular generation, or a part of the generation? What do you love and hate about Girls?

You can share your (sure to be) brilliant and insightful thoughts in the comments, or you can click over to Pencils Down, Pass the Remote's Facebook page and talk there. Some of your comments might even make an appearance (anonymously, of course) in an upcoming post that will explore the effect of the endless Girls discourse on the show's reception. And, of course, there will be prizes for the best comments*!

And, of course, if you haven't like Pencils Down, Pass the Remote on Facebook yet, you should probably do that.

*Prizes may or may not be imaginary.

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