Saturday, May 19, 2012

A chronicle of my reaction to Dan Harmon's exit as Community's showrunner

The happiness of any Community fan is destined to be short-lived. As soon as you get excited about something, like the show's fourth-season renewal or the hilarious, heartfelt finale, you hear the terrible news that Dan Harmon will not be returning as showrunner. This Vulture piece offers a great, even-handed analysis of the situation, so if you want coherent thoughts and background information you should check it out. If, however, you want to know the many stages of my reaction to the news (plus bonus video of Troy Barnes crying), you should keep reading.

1) Well, that fucking sucks.

2) Hey, those new guys (David Guarascio and Moses Port) worked on Happy Endings! I like that show.

3) So, this means the loss of two executive producers (Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan, who have development deals with FOX) and one showrunner. Can the show recover from that?

4) This is Community! It can recover from anything!

5) It was a kind of a dick move for Sony to start shopping for a replacement without trying to work something out with Harmon first.

6) On the other hand, Harmon is notoriously difficult to work with, and has butted heads with the studio on multiple occasions.

7) On the third hand (because I am a three-handed alien, apparently), would Community be the show that it is if Harmon hadn't fought for it with the studio?

8) Maybe the show will have a longer run than it would have with Harmon in charge.

9) But are more episodes worth it if Harmon isn't there?

10) (absolute brain meltdown due to too many competing thoughts and feelings. MY EMOTIONS! MY EMOTIONS!)

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