Monday, April 16, 2012

Game of Thrones Photo Recap: "What Is Dead May Never Die"

"What Is Dead May Never Die" was a pretty great episode of Game of Thrones, despite the unconscionable lack of Daenerys and the somewhat more conscionable lack of Stannis and Robb. If last week's installment was all about the dangers of being a woman in Westeros, this episode was all about power, and the strategies that those who have power use to hold onto it. From Tyrion using his wiles to sniff out a spy, to Renly trying (and failing) to keep his sexual desires secret, to Sansa pretending love for Joffrey in order to stay alive, the characters spent the hour trying to get power, to hold on to power, or to fight a power against which they could not win.

The episode's best moments: Shae is tired of being locked up, Theon is torn between his two families, and the return of Hodor!

The best quotes from "What Is Dead May Never Die": Yara continues her quest to be the best comedian in Westeros, Tyrion seriously overshares, and Catelyn Stark reminds us all that the seasons are about to change.

"When I take King's Landing, I will bring you Joffrey's head." Everyone would really love it if you would do that, Renly. As soon as possible.

"They are the knights of summer, and winter is coming." Leave it to Catelyn Stark to be the Debbie Downer who is always reminding everyone about winter.

"The Sea Bitch. We thought she'd be perfect for you." She is, Yara. She really is.

"Every man who has tasted my cooking has told me what a good whore I am." Between last week's comment about Varys' fondness (or lack thereof) for fish pie and this, Shae is really on a roll with the zingers.
"I shouldn't have to tell you to do things, you should just do them." Just when I start to feel bad for Sansa...
"Oh, thank the gods! I haven't had a proper shit in six days!" I don't think that any of us really needed to know that, Tyrion.

"Is Joffrey going to kill Sansa's brother?" "He might. Would you like that?" "No. I don't think so." Apparently Cersei's kids don't start out evil; they become evil after spending too much time with their mother. At least, that appears to be the case with Tommen. We can probably assume that Joffrey was always a sociopath.

"Oh he could get you started, I wouldn't mind. Or I could turn over and you could pretend I'm him?" Apparently the Tyrells are rather sexually uninhibited. Renly may have found himself the perfect wife.

"Leave me out of your next deception." "That's a shame. You were to be the centerpiece of my next deception." Tyrion and Littlefinger's relationship might not be quite at the level of the Imp's relationship with Varys, but they have some pretty good banter nonetheless.

"Filthy old stoat. Almost hate to interrupt." "No, you don't." "No I don't." Tyrion and Bronn have a really wonderful bromance going on.

"Cut off his manhood, and feed it to the goats." "There are no goats, half-man." "Well make do!" The Hand of the King just hates it when his men can't improvise.

"A very small man can cast a very large shadow." Half inspirational speech, half short joke, all Varys.

"I always hated crossbows. Take too long to load." Yoren dies as he lived: one bad-ass mother fucker.

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