Monday, April 30, 2012

Game of Thrones photo recap: "The Ghost of Harrenhal"

This week on Game of Thrones we were treated to a marriage proposal, signs of unrest in King's Landing, and a truly incredible number of references to death by burning. As for Melisandre's smoke baby, that child has left the nest and is doing his parents proud. As usual, the night's best moments are on display in photographic form, while Westeros' wittiest wordplay has been compiled below for your reading pleasure. Make sure your baby dragons are fed, and read on!

The best moments from "The Ghost of Harrenhal": the Night's Watch makes it to an even less hospitable location than Craster's compound, a warlock shows off his abilities, and Brienne of Tarth kicks ass even when she's grieving.

The episode's best quotes: Tyrion is, as usual, on fire (not literally, although that may be coming soon),  Arya stares down Tywin Lannister, and Ser Jorah (almost) proclaims his love.

"Do you want to be a queen?" "No. I want to be the queen." And Margery Tyrell throws her hat (or, rather, extremely low-cut dress) in the ring.

"Myrcella's a sweet, innocent girl and I don't blame her at all for you." Myrcella's betrothal may be less about protecting the girl from Stannis, and more about protecting her from Cersei.

"Tell me, if the vile allegations against my brother and sister are true, do you think it would make Jamie more likely to kill you, or less likely? When I tell him you're fucking her, I mean." "I'm telling you the truth!" "Smart money would be on more likely." "She's making wildfire, I swear!" "Though then perhaps his own unnatural urges would give him sympathy for yours." "The alchemists' guild has been commissioned!" "I suppose there's only one way to find out." The disinterested way that Tyrion keeps going with his train of thought, oblivious to Lancel's desperation, is just wonderful.

"He's very busy. Being repeatedly humiliated by Robb Stark is time consuming." One suspects that Tyrion is at least a little pleased by Tywin's losses.

"You have to admire his imagination." "He's talking about you." "What? Demon monkey!?" It's easy to forget that not everyone sees Tyrion for the hilarious, brilliant badass that he is.

"Stop! We yield." Yara may have appeared for a grand total of thirty seconds, but she uses her moment in the spotlight for the best possible purpose: to mock her vainglorious brother.

"Anyone can be killed." I half-expected Arya to leap at Tywin and strangle him to death right here. The girl is that fearsome.

"I was always a girl." "And I was always aware." Jaquen H'Ghar could either be a highly useful friend to Arya, or a very fearsome foe.

"Beautiful isn't it! Gilly would love it here." When you do get married, Sam, maybe let your wife plan the honeymoon.

"What do you think they were like, the first men?" "Stupid. Smart men don't find themselves in place like this." A little sarcastic humor goes a long way north of the Wall.

"You would not dare insult my order whilst Aerys Targaryen lived!" "Well, he's not living anymore." Bronn for the win!

"Men like to talk about other men... when they're happy." Daenerys is the subtlest pimp on Game of Thrones, which is really saying something.

"There are times when I look at you, and I still can't believe you're real." It's a good thing that the show aged Dany up from the books (where she was 14); that way, Jorah's love is sweet, rather than creepy.

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