Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here's a trailer for the return of Community, if you're interested

You may not have heard, but Community is coming back on March 15 at 8:00 pm. And because NBC knows that you probably aren't excited by that news, they have thoughtfully prepared this epically fantastic trailer to help get you in the right frame of mind. (Apologies for the lower-quality trailer, but the official one from E!'s website is permanently set on autoplay, and it's annoying.)

I don't currently have any coherent thoughts on this trailer, because there is too much awesome here for my brain to process. So I will simply provide a list of some of the amazing things that happen in the mind-blowing two minutes and thirty seconds.
  • The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-inspired font and structure. That trailer has been almost as good to the comedy business as the Republican primary.
  • The look on Troy's face as the study group is told they've been expelled, because it promises Donald Glover crying.
  • Annie suggesting that getting a C is the equivalent of getting pregnant at a bus station.
  • Annie and Shirley's "awww" at the tiny riot gear, followed by their "aaah!" at a man getting pepper sprayed.
  • Troy and Abed wearing three-piece suits.
  • Pierce screaming "Let's burn this mother down!"
  • Troy turning into Abed in the Dreamatorium.
  • Abed, standing in the Dreamatorium, wearing a Darkest Timeline goatee. This fuels my hope for a Community/Fringe cross-over episode, in which the Fringe team must band together with the study group to prevent the evil study group from taking over the main timeline. (Seriously, Harmon, Pinkner and Wyman: get on this.)
  • Britta dressed as Michael Jackson.
  • The blink-and-you-missed-it shot of John Hodgeman at 1:38.
  • The way that John Goodman says "asunder" and "unencumbered."
  • Britta's hair when she's high on peyote.
  • Troy and Abed crab-walking down the hall.
  • Jeff and Annie moving down the hall in a dancing/skipping gait, with Annie wearing a floor-length dress and Jeff in a lab coat.
  • The communist propaganda-esque "Chang" poster.
  • Dean Pelton's costume closet.
And, now that I've gotten all that out of my system, here are two things that I don't like about the trailer.
  • The lack of Michael K. William's Professor Kane. (I'm assuming that's him in Annie's "pregnant at a bus station" scene, but why don't we get to see his face?)
  • The overabundance of Ben Chang. The pun was pretty good, the poster was hilarious, and the rest was totally unnecessary.
The seven days between now and March 15 are going to be excruciating.

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