Monday, March 26, 2012

The Doctor meets... Robocop?!

On the heels of Stephen Moffat's announcement that Doctor Who's titular Time Lord is getting a new companion, the BBC has released a trailer for the as-yet-unscheduled seventh season. The awesome clip doesn't show any footage of Jenna-Louise Coleman's new character, but it does feature plenty of Amy and Rory, some clever jokes, and an antagonist who looks strikingly similar to Robocop (or KickPuncher, if you prefer).

I love Amy fumbling with the gun, and the cowboy requesting that anyone who isn't American put their guns down. On a related note, Doctor Who, after spending most of its existence confined to the British isles (well, the whole of time and space, but mostly Britain) has been coming to America rather frequently in the last couple seasons; last year's two-part season opener marked the first time the series had ever filmed in the U.S. (and in my home state of Utah no less!), and now the Wild West is making an appearance.

In addition to a villain who looks like Robocop (seriously), I also caught a glimpse of Mark Williams (Arthur Weasley), and have begun to to suspect that appearing on Doctor Who is a requirement for BAFTA membership, along with a role in a Harry Potter movie and an appearance in a BBC adaptation of either Dickens or Austen. And, as always, there is an enormous amount of running involved.

I'm really hoping that the shot of an eyestalk emerging from the snow, accompanied by a mention of the Daleks, doesn't foreshadow that species' return. I agree with Moffat that the sheer number of defeats they've suffered at the hands of the Doctor invalidates them as enemies. What I really want is the return of the scariest baddie in the Whoniverse, the literally unmemorable and yet absolutely unforgettable Silence. But I'll deal with the Daleks if it means the return of the Doctor, Amy and Rory. Season seven can't come soon enough!

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