Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Smash clips promise sex, love and drama

I don't know about you, but I'm quite enjoying Smash. I like the musical numbers, the backstage drama, and the lived-in feel of many of the show's longstanding relationships, particularly Tom and Julia and Derek and Eileen. I didn't even hate Nick Jonas' guest appearance. Plus, for the moment, the terrible adoption storyline and the Ellis-the-assistant drama have faded into the background, for which I am truly grateful.

This is all to say that I'm quite excited for the next episode, and the three preview clips floating around the internet have only increased my impatience. The first clip amps up the drama, spotlighting Ivy and Karen's rivalry, which reaches a breaking point when Derek (who is in jerk mode here) has Karen show Ivy how to do Marilyn (via TVLine):

I like this scene because it highlights both girls' insecurities. Karen is just trying to make it through rehearsal without bringing Ivy's wrath down on her, and she's incredibly hurt by Ivy's petty, jealous machinations. Ivy, meanwhile, knows that Karen almost got the part over her, and she's not only pissed, she's incredibly upset that Derek - her boyfriend - is doing this to her. I really, really hope that this incident demonstrates to Ivy that Derek, not Karen, is the one she should be mad at. (Also, while I quite enjoyed McPhee's performance of "Happy Birthday" in the pilot, this one did nothing to convince me that she would be a better Marilyn. Point Ivy.)

The second clip is all about the love. Michael Swift (a.k.a. Joe DiMaggio) serenades Julia with "A Song for You" (via the Huffington Post):

This is scene is, admittedly, really, really sappy. But Will Chase and Debra Messing play it well, without going over-the-top, which keeps the moment relatively grounded. Plus, I'm just so happy not to be spending time on that awful adoption storyline that I don't care.

Finally, we have the third clip, which is where the sex comes in (via GQ):

The purpose of this clip is twofold. First, it serves as a reminder that this show was originally developed for Showtime, where the clip presumably would have ended with breasts. Second, it shows us just why Karen is considered a viable candidate for Marilyn Monroe, because McPhee is all sorts of sexy here. Point Karen.

I hope that next Monday's episode, "Let's Be Bad," lives up to the promise of these clips. As the show has moved away from the characters' home lives and focused more on the daily business of mounting a Broadway show, it has gotten much more fun. And really, what is musical theater about if not fun?

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