Monday, November 14, 2011

This can't be good...

Come on NBC, don't make Britta sad! Be cool. Photo courtesy of

We have officially entered the darkest timeline. (Yes, I stole that joke from The A.V. Club, and I am way too upset to care.) NBC released their winter lineup today, and Community has been bumped to make way for... wait for it... a sitcom based on the life of Chelsea Handler. NBC has said that all 22 episodes of this season will be shot and aired, but there is just no way this is good news. I can only sum up my feelings in one way:

I certainly hold out hope that Community will soon be back in its rightful place; after all, the network already has one tanking sitcom starring an abrasive female comedian who does nothing more than repeat the word "vagina" and hope it sticks, so the Chelsea Handler show could be cancelled very, very quickly. Plus, there is a silver lining, in that 30 Rock will come back after Christmas and the very deserving, very funny Up All Night will move to Thursday, while the aforementioned vagina-centric sitcom will be moved to Wednesday, where it can compete against the juggernaut that is ABC's comedy block. However, as someone who is still dealing with the trauma that was the cancellation of Arrested Development, I know that this is not good news. So, pray to the TV gods (who giveth and who taketh away), and repeat after me: Six seasons and a movie. Six seasons and a movie! For the love of god, six seasons and a movie!

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