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The Trailer For Season 2 of The Walking Dead is Here!

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The trailer for the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead premiered today at Comic-Con, and holy shit is it awesome! I, like most people, had my problems with the first season of the show - after starting out with the best TV pilot I have ever seen, it rapidly devolved into many, many scenes that inexplicably involved no zombies whatsoever, instead focusing on internal drama courtesy of the insufferable Shane and the incredibly boring Andrea. But then the finale ending with the CDC blowing up, which was fantastic, and the group again on the run from a horde of the undead, and I got excited again.

The trailer that debuted today has only increased my excitement for the show's October return. Check out the trailer below, and then read on for comments and concerns over the content.

The trailer starts with Shane (Jon Bernthal). I initially disapproved of this, because I really dislike Shane. However, we then cut to a shot of Shane running from a whole lot of zombies, which I love, partly because this show needs more zombies, but mostly because I really hope one of those zombies bites Shane. He would be a much more interesting character as a zombie than he is as a human.

To me, the most promising part of the trailer is the news that Shane and Andrea (Laurie Holden) are planning to leave the group and strike out on their own. I really hope this means that their characters are going to disappear from the show (although it probably doesn't), since they were the worst parts of the first season. Nothing against the actors, because this is really the result of the writing, but Shane is a quick-tempered jerk who tends to just make things worse, and Andrea is... boring. Astoundingly boring. After all, she was one-half (with her sister, Amy) of the single dullest scene that appeared on this show last season. You know, the one where they sat in a boat on a lake and talked about their family for what seemed like half an hour. The one that featured absolutely no zombies. Note to the writers for this season: this is a zombie show, not a sitting-in-a-boat, talking-about-feelings show. More undead corpses, please.

The second most promising part of the trailer happens three minutes in, as Rick (Andrew Lincoln), who is about to shoot some zombies in the head, looks through the scope of his rifle and sees not one, not two, but a whole lot of zombies approaching through a maze of stopped cars. Rick then instructs everyone to hide under the cars, and we are treated to a series of shots of the cast hiding under the cars, trying to keep silent as the undead shuffle past them. This is an amazing premise for a scene, and the show can certainly do edge-of-your-seat suspense like no other - remember that scene from the pilot, where Rick lights his way down a pitch-black staircase with a box of matches - so I'm hoping for excellent suspense and pee-your-pants terror.

Another excellent feature of the trailer is that it is Full. Of. Zombies. Last season often suffered from a lack of walking corpses, but based on this trailer that is going to turn around this season. More zombies are always a good thing, and these do not disappoint. Especially if they dismember Shane and Andrea, which becomes more likely the longer they stay away from the group and strike out on their own.

We also see some new faces at the end of the trailer, in the forms of Lauren Cohan (Rose of The Vampire Diaries!) and Scott Wilson. According to this article, Wilson will be playing Hershel Greene, a farm owner, and Cohan will be playing his daughter Maggie, who is a possible love interest for my favorite character, Glenn (Steven Yuen). I'm really pleased about this for three reasons: I absolutely loved Cohan on TVD, it promises more of a storyline for the amazing Yuen, and the fact that there has to be a reason that Hershel and Maggie survived by themselves for this long. Hopefully a twisted, disturbing, wonderful reason. (If you've read Justin Cronin's fantastic post-apocalyptic novel The Passage, I'm thinking of the Haven. If you haven't read The Passage, go out and buy it right this second.)

While the trailer is extremely promising, it does one worrisome element. One of those is the marked absence of Norman Reedus' Daryl, my second favorite character after Glenn. For the four-minute duration of a trailer, all that Daryl does is state that hoping and praying is a waste of time (which is probably true) and ride a motorcycle through a post-apocalyptic wasteland like a badass. Let's hope that the season is heavier on Daryl than the trailer is, and decidedly lighter on Shane and Andrea.

Stray Thoughts:
  • Rick saying "To hell with the noise" and pulling out his gun is just fabulous.
  • There's not much Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) in the trailer either. Let's hope it stays that way.
  • The trailer is framed by Rick talking into a walkie-talkie. Let's hope this means that the return of Morgan (Lennie James) is imminent.
  • I don't know what the zombie at 3:59 is eating, but it is disgusting.
  • One reason Daryl is a thousand times more badass than either Rick or Shane is his weapon of choice - a crossbow.
  • It appears that one of the kids is injured, which is why Rick is running for the farmhouse. If that kid was bitten by a zombie, there could be a really great, Night of the Living Dead storyline happening. (If you haven't seen Romero's film, why are you reading this? Go watch it, now.)
  • I really want to have a party for the Walking Dead premiere at which I serve this cake.

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