Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Give These Actors a Job!

While I'm very excited about the beloved actors who will be reappearing on my TV come fall pilot season - Will Arnett! Michael Emerson! Jorge Garcia! Jack Davenport! Jason O'Mara! - there are still many talented actors who are currently out of a job. Here, I identify some actors who are sorely in need of a new role, and make some casting suggestions. Take heed showrunners, because these ideas are solid gold!

Photo courtesy of galacticabbs.com.
Mary McDonnell
Known For: Battlestar Galactica
Perfect For: Castle

Mary McDonnell is known largely for the subtlety and emotion she brought to the role of Laura Roslin on BSG. Now that Castle is out a Captain, McDonnell could step in as both a sparring partner for Beckett and a new obsession for Castle. Plus, it would be nice to see the actress show off the sense of humor that she only rarely got to showcase on BSG.

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Edward James Olmos
Known For: Battlestar Galactica
Perfect For: Community

Olmos already has a gig lined up - as a guest star on the upcoming season of Dexter - but given the way the bodies tend to pile up on that show, it can be assumed he won't last too long. Since Olmos is best known as the inspirational calculus teacher in Stand and Deliver (sorry BSG fans, but it's true), put him back in front of the blackboard in Community, but this time make him a military vet whose "History of War" class quickly devolves into a full-on WWII reenactment. That way we get our Admiral Adama, and the show gets a war-movie parody to go nuts with. Alternately, just set the whole thing up as a BSG episode with Olmos reprising his character from that show, Jeff as Apollo, Britta as Starbuck, Annie as Laura Roslin, and Slater as Caprica Six.

Photo courtesy of tvfanatic.com.
Jay Harrington
Known For: Better Off Ted
Perfect For: The Office

Harrington knows workplace comedy, having starred in one the sharpest, funniest workplace comedy in recent memory. Since James Spader's Robert California will be joining The Office as CEO rather than replacing Steve Carell's Michael Scott, Harrington could come in as Scott's replacement. His work ethic and professionalism could cause him to butt heads with the staff (especially Jim), while Dwight will buddy up to Harrington in an attempt to learn the new boss' secrets and ultimately replace him. Plus, Ted Crisp's sharp suits could encourage the normally schlubby Office workers to rethink their wardrobes, which would be better for everyone.

Photo courtesy of wgnamerica.com.
Judy Reyes
Known For: Scrubs
Perfect For: 30 Rock

Reyes was always the underappreciated member of the Scrubs cast, generally playing the straight woman to everyone from J.D. to Dr. Cox to the Janitor. Let the woman indulge her funny side as a new Girlie Show cast member, brought on by Jack in an attempt to appeal to Latino viewers. Reyes' character would seem as sweet and caring as Carla at first until, encouraged by Tracy's antics and Jenna's hatred, she goes full-blown crazy, therefore destroying Liz's hopes of finally having a manageable cast member on the show. (Danny doesn't count, as his character all but disappeared from the show in the last season.)

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Elizabeth Mitchell
Known For: Lost, V
Perfect For: The Vampire Diaries

Now that Lost has ended and V was cancelled and therefore kept from wasting her talents, Mitchell is back on the market. Since Jeremy and Elena have now lost anyone who could legally serve as their guardian, Alaric is going to need to step up. Being a full-time vampire hunter, however, does not prepare you for raising children, no matter how cool of a career path it may be. Have Mitchell appear as a love interest for the history teacher, one who helps him with Jeremy and Elena and eases his pain over Jenna's death. Of course, this being The Vampire Diaries, she is more than she appears, and the secrets start to come out...

Photo courtesy of spoilertv.co.uk.
Sean Bean
Known For: Game of Thrones
Perfect For: Fringe

Yes, Bean was just cast as the Huntsman in one of the eight hundred Snow White adaptations on the horizon - luckily, not the one featuring Kristen Stewart - but he needs something to do before that movie goes into production. Now that there's a Peter-sized hole at the center of Fringe, Walter is going to need a minder and Olivia is going to need a partner. Enter Bean as a contractor hired by the Defense Department tasked with investigating the Fringe division and finding out why the universe is ripping apart around us. This casting would come with two major benefits - an opportunity for Bean to act opposite Noble, his Lord of the Rings father and, given the generally gruesome nature of this show, a truly disgusting death scene to add to this amazing video.

Photo courtesy of screenrant.com.
Jamie Bamber
Known For: Battlestar Galactica
Perfect For: Grey's Anatomy

I realize that the man already has a job as one of the stars of Law & Order: UK, but come one. The man played Lee Adama, a perfect physical specimen who was constantly angsty, worried about his father's approval, and completely incompetent at relationships. You don't even need to change the character's name, just change his job from pilot to doctor, put him in some scrubs and send him over to Seattle Grace. And if his character ever gets boring, there's always the potential for fat Lee Adama to return!


  1. I LOVE the Community idea.

    Carla was unappreciated. This is not the same as being underappreciated.

    Fat Lee Adama is easily my favorite BSG character. "I already have daddy issues, so I am going to get morbidly obese so that my newly-mustachioed father can improve boring tactical meetings by making fat jokes at my expense."

  2. Full agreement with Alex and Doug. Also, Pierce would have to be Colonel Tigh if he came back.

  3. I totally think Olmos is best known as Selena's dad. Clearly.

    But yeah, Community would be awesome. Annie as Laura Roslin?! I cannot make a coherent thought.

    And omg, Jamie WOULD be perfect for Grey's. I'm bored of all the men in general on that show, so he could give me some fresh blood and maybe be a likable character for awhile?