Saturday, July 23, 2011

And Now I Can Kill Zombies...

My fantastic new Ka-bar ZK-Acheron Skeleton knife, designed to kill zombies, courtesy of my uncle.

Today has just been a zombie-riffic day at Pencils Down, Pass the Remote. First the trailer for the second season of AMC's The Walking Dead came out, and then I came home to find a package containing the zombie-killing weapon seen above waiting for me.

A while back I mentioned the existence of Ka-bar's ZK (that stands for "zombie killer") series of knives designed specifically for dispatching the undead. My uncle, a man who is prepared for pretty much any type of apocalypse, felt that the preparedness should be shared and responded by sending me this lovely little piece of weaponry. It's the smallest of the ZK knives, which means that it can fit handily in a purse or pocket (or an ankle holster, for when I want to feel badass, and because I don't need to waste time fishing around in my bag for a weapon when the zombies are coming), but it's tough and I feel could handily dispatch a zombie.

The best part about the knife, however, is the logo at the base of the blade, which resembles a biohazard symbol:

I apologize for the blurriness of the picture. You can see a sharper image here.

You know, in case you finish gutting a zombie with this thing, and then think maybe licking the blade might be a good idea (?), in which case the handy biohazard warning would stop you from ingesting the zombie virus.


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