Monday, April 18, 2011

Welcome to the new (and improved) home of Pencils Down, Pass the Remote!

Welcome everyone to the all-new, improved, Internet home of Pencils Down, Pass the Remote. Those of you who followed my writing in the Swarthmore Phoenix will be excited to know that, thanks to the new format, the former trickle of reviews and opinions will be replaced by a veritable flood of TV criticism and commentary, with a healthy dose of snark thrown in for good measure. For new readers, this blog will provide you with my take on both new and classic TV shows, industry gossip, scandals, and all the television arcana you can handle. Stay tuned this week for posts regarding the mini scandal surrounding the New York Times' sexist review of Game of Thrones, as well as impressions of the new season of Doctor Who, which includes the first episodes of the venerable series ever filmed in the United States (and in my home state of Utah no less), plus recaps of some of my favorite shows (did someone say Fringe?). So grab some snacks and settle onto the couch, friends, because it's time for us to watch some great TV together.

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